How to Knit a Neckline Finishing

 A lovely sweater just isn’t the same without a well-finished knit neckline. It can be quite tricky and takes some practice to get it right.

The end result depends greatly upon what type of yarn you use and how tightly you knit. Also, don’t just wing it when you start knitting your sweater. Why?

Winging it could cost you a lot of time and stress if you get to the neckline and it isn’t planned out right.

Tips for a Knit Neckline That’s Just Right

Use stitch markers. Your knitting pattern will tell you how many stitches you’ll need to pick up around the neckline.

Use your stitch markers to plan where you will be picking up stitches before you start your neckline.

For example. If your knit neckline pattern requires that you pick up 110 stitches, place a stitch marker on our work evenly so that you’ll have 10 stitches between each marker.

Change needles. To make your knitted neckline finishing a little tighter and more elastic, use needles that are one size smaller than the rest of the sweater to pick up the neckline stitches.

Don’t bind off too tight. If you bind off your work too tightly, your knit neckline will be so tight that you won’t be able to get the sweater over your head.

Be mindful of our tension as you are finishing off so that it stays consistent with the rest of your work.

Instructions for How to Knit the Neckline of a Sweater

I’ve found so many resources online that show how to knit the neck of a sweater.

Whether your neckline is round, v-neck, cable knit, simple, or complex… there are so many people out there who can help you work through your project!

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