8 Cool Backyard Water Games for Kids & Teens

 These backyard water games are so much fun for kids and teens alike. Find all the ideas below and share your fun in the comments!

1. Water Balloon Pinatas

This is a fun activity for younger kids! See who can hit the pinatas and get the most wet!  Learn more from Milk Allergy Mom

2. Pass the Water

This is fun for kids and teens of all ages! Try to pass water from one cup to another without getting your partner wet!

Learn more from Inspiration Made Simple

3. Water Fun Cup Races

Another fun water game for all ages. Shoot water into a plastic cup on a line and see who can get to the finish line the fastest!

4. Water Balloon Volleyball

Don’t miss the water balloon or make it land too hard… you might get wet! Learn more from Urban Funny Farm

5. Sponge Ball Toss

These soaking sponges are sure to get some people wet. A great alternative to water balloons that take 5 hours to fill and 5 seconds to be gone 🙂

6. Water Balloon Baseball

Great for kids! Whether you get a hit or miss, you’re sure to get wet! Learn more from iCandy Handmade

7.  Knock Ping Pong Balls Off Tees with Water Guns

Make a fun competition by seeing who can knot the ping pong balls off the fastest! Learn more from Camping Livez

8. Water Bucket Relay

Great teamwork game to help kids learn how to work together and have fun. Learn more from Tip Junkie