Knitting Dog Blankets for Charity (PLUS 9 Patterns!)

 If you’re looking for something fun to do that also benefits a great cause, knitting dog blankets for charity is an excellent thing to do.

There are a lot of great opportunities for donating knitted dog blankets to local charities and even some online places you can look into.

Harrier’s Squared Dog Blanket Get the free pattern for this knit dog blanket at is a great pattern for your stash of leftover yarn!

Comfort Knit Pet Blanket Download the free pattern for this knit dog blanket at Love the solid pattern of this knit dog blanket!

Gimme Shelter Cat Blankets This could easily be made big enough for a dog too!  Download the free pattern for this knit blanket at

Pet Blanket Knitting Pattern Get the free pattern for this knit pet blanket at Make it extra soft and durable by using chunky yarn!

Bernat Cozy Cables Knit Blanket Download the free pattern for this knit dog blanket at Love the cable knit pattern of this blanket. Super soft and comforting!

“The Boss” Pet Blanket Get the pattern for this knit dog blanket at loveknitting.comBecause we all know who the boss of the house really is πŸ˜‰

Woof Dog Blanket Get the pattern for this knit dog blanket at This is so cute and quite simple!

Garter Stitch Shelter Blanket Get the pattern for this knit dog blanket from Sheep to Shawl. Love the different stripes on this one! Also a great project for the leftover yarn stash.

Striped Checkerboard Dog Blanket Get the pattern for this knit dog blanket from Love the stripes!

Finding Charities to Donate Knit Dog Blankets

One note of caution: you may want to call your local shelter and ask if they take knitted blankets. Some shelters rather not use them for dogs and cats because they can unravel and become a choking hazard.

Also, some dogs and cats get their claws stuck in the yarn and it becomes a problem. However, the shelter may still be willing to take the knitted blankets for other animals. You’ll just need to ask what they need for blankets.

Another important tip is to always make your knit dog blankets with two strands of yarn. This helps keep dogs and cats from tearing through the blankets and breaking them apart quickly. Two strands will give the blanket durability!

Where Can I Donate Knit Dog Blankets

Humane Society and Local Animal Shelters. Contact your local humane society and other animal shelters to see what donations they need and if they accept knitted dog blankets.

Veterinarian Offices. Many vet offices will take knitted dog blankets to use for puppies and dogs who come out of surgery. This provides warmth for them as they recover and they don’t usually care about the blankets being knitted because the animals are usually out of it from the surgery.

Comfort for Critters. This is an online organization that works with animal shelters across the country to provide free knit and crochet blankets. Volunteers make blankets and ship them to Comfort for Critters to distribute to over 200 animal shelters across the country. When dogs and cats are adopted out, the blanket goes with them to their forever home.

Snuggles Project. This is another online organization that works very much the same as Comfort for Critters. You can also donate to animal shelters directly by using their forms and donating to one of the shelters on their list.

Best Yarn for Dog Blankets

Most people recommend using acrylic yarn because it is durable, inexpensive, water-resistant, and machine-washable. These are all extremely important when it comes to pets. It can feel a little scratchy, but most dogs can’t feel it through their fur.

For softer yarn, you could try using a cotton or wool blend yarn. For a little extra fun, you can add in a strand of fun fur to make the blanket extra fuzzy!

How Big Should a Dog Blanket Be?

Dog blanket sizes range from 24″ by 24″ for small to medium size dogs and 36″ by 36″ for medium to large size dogs.

You can also make rectangle blankets that are 18″ by 24″ or 24″ by 36″.

You can also ask your local shelter what size dog blanket they prefer. Many shelters line the cages with these blankets so they will know what size works best.

Related Questions

Do animal shelters take old blankets? Perhaps you’re not a knitter and don’t crochet. That’s okay, you can still donate your old blankets, sheets, and other linens for the shelter to use for their dogs and cats.

Is it ok for dogs to sleep under blankets? Dogs love to sleep under blankets and it’s perfectly safe for them to do so as log as the blankets a loose and breathable. They are naturally den animals and enjoy the covered warmth of small spaces that blankets mimic.