Nothing makes an arm knit infinity scarf cuter than little embellishments that you can add to make it pop! Below are some patterns for little things you can add to your scarves.

Scarf Cuff Instructions

arm knit scarf cuffMaterials

Chunky yarn (use the same yarn as the scarf… or mix it up!)

Large Crochet Hook (I use size N)


CH = chain

SC = single crochet

BLO = back loop only

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Row 1: CH 8, turn

Row 2: Skip first CH, *SC BLO in next SC, repeat from * to end, CH 1, turn (total 7 SC)

Row 3: Repeat from Row 2 from * to *, ch 1 and turn. Continue rows until cuff measures approximately 9″ (about 21 rows depending on hook size)

Row 22: SC BLO in next 3 SC, Skip next SC, CH 1, SC BLO in next 3 SC, CH 1, turn

Row 23: SC BLO in next 3 SC, SC in the CH 1 hole, SC BLO in next 3 SC, CH 1, turn

Row 24: Repeat Row 2, tie off

Click here to watch the YouTube video.