How to Finger Knit Step by Step: Part 5 – Binding Off

If you love arm knitting, you’ll also love finger knitting. Learn how to finger knit in a few simple steps.

You don’t have to know anything about knitting to learn how to finger knit! Here is my finger knitting step by step tutorial. Be sure to check back as I add separate videos and instructions for each step of the process!

Be sure to check out all the pictures and watch the instruction video tutorial.

The instructions for Part 5 – Binding Off are below or you can jump all the way to the bottom to watch the video.

You can see the other parts these step-by-step finger knitting instructions here:

What You Need:

You’ll only need about an hour of time, a little practice, and of course, your two hands. Here are a few of the bulky weight yarns I recommend:


How to Finger Knit Instructions: Part 5

Step 1: Make another loop like you did in steps three and four. However, instead of transferring the loop to your other finger, you need to keep it on the same finger.

Step 2: Then take the second loop on your finger and pull it over the loop you just made and drop it.

Step 3: Repeat the process by slipping the next loop of your finger, push the working yarn through to create a new loop and put it back on your finger. Take the second loop and pull it over the loop you just made and drop it.

Repeat all the way across until you are left with one loop and tie off.

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