How to Finger Knit Step by Step: Part 2 – Casting On

how to finger knit - casting on

If you love arm knitting, you’ll also love finger knitting. Learn how to finger knit in a few simple steps.

You don’t have to know anything about knitting to learn how to finger knit! Here is my finger knitting step by step tutorial. Be sure to check back as I add separate videos and instructions for each step of the process!

Be sure to check out all the pictures and watch the instruction video tutorial.

The instructions for Part 2 – Casting On are below or you can jump all the way to the bottom to watch the video.

You can see the other parts these step-by-step finger knitting instructions here:

What You Need:

You’ll only need about an hour of time, a little practice, and of course, your two hands. Here are a few of the bulky weight yarns I recommend:

How to Finger Knit Instructions: Part 2

Step 1: To get started, stick your right index finger in the loop and pull tight. Make sure not to pull it too tight because you’ll need to be able to slide the loop across your finger. Now we have the start of our first row.

Step 2: You should see what we’ll call the “tail” which is the cut end and the “working yarn” which is the part connected to the skein. Grab both strands in your left hand with your last three fingers.

Step 3: Stick your left thumb and index finger in between the two strands and twist up.

Step 4: To make the next loop, take your index finger from your right hand and go under the loop by your left thumb and then reach over and grab the loop by your left index finger and pull it through to form a new loop.

Step 5: Pull down on the yarn to make the loop tighter and slide it next to the first loop you made on your right finger.

Repeat the process until you have the desired amount of loops on your right hand.

If you’re making a scarf or a boot cuff or something like that, you’ll want to do about ten loops on your finger so make something that is about 3-4 inches wide

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