5 Cute Things You Can Make with Arm Knitting

Arm knitting is so much fun and you can make more than just scarves with it. If you don’t know how to arm knit yet, it’s super simple! Check out our step by step arm knitting instructions.

Here is a simple list of other things you can make with arm knitting:

1.  Arm Knit Necklace

arm knit necklace

Photo Credit: Yarspirations

This is such a cute and simple necklace to make. This is a perfect project for that scrap yarn stash! It only takes a little bit of yarn and time. You could make it in a bunch of different colors and combinations to match your outfits!

Download the free pattern from Yarnspirations.com


2.  Arm Knit Pillow

Photo Credit: MeSewCrazy.com

Photo Credit: MeSewCrazy.com

What a perfect way to add a little texture to your throw pillows. Making these in different colors to match your room would ad such a unique feature! And it’s pretty simple too. Instead of using regular yarn, use t-shirt yarn (you can make it yourself or Walmart sells some too).

Check out the instructions on MeSewCrazy.com


3.  One Point Arm Knit Wrap


Photo Credit: AllFreeKnitting.com

This takes the arm knit scarf up a notch by creating this fashionable shoulder wrap. This would be so cute in the winter time! Arm knitting can be creative, fashionable, and cute and add a lovely feature to your outfit. Try making this in neutral and fun colors to match different outfits and see how many compliments you get!

Get the free instructions at AllFreeKnitting.com



4.  Arm Knit Chair


Photo Credit: Dude Craft

This is a great idea!! The instructions aren’t that great, but I’m sure it could be easily figured out. With a bunch of t-shirt yarn and some stuffing, this would make a very cool and unique chair! Like seen in the video, you could make a whole bunch of them and make a comfy seating area that would be the conversation of your living area… or it could be a bed too! LOL

Watch the quick video of arm knitting a chair



5.  Arm Knit Blanket

Photo Credit: Yarnspirations

Photo Credit: Yarnspirations

What a comfy blanket! Experimenting with different colors and types of yarn would be so fun to do with this project. You could try getting that super soft baby yarn for this. These blankets can be make pretty quick and easy so they would be perfect as gifts to friends and family.

Here are the instructions for how to make this arm knit blanket.